Can Giving and Altruism Be a Tactical Business Advantage?

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Can giving and altruism be a tactical advantage in business?

This is a very interesting question. As someone who does a fair amount of business coaching and mentoring it I’ve noticed that most people consider topics like giving forward, mindset, and evolved enterprise as “feel good” topics with very little tactical advantages for their business attached to them. I get it. I understand why many people feel this way, I’d even go so far as to say that for many people, the way they’ve been exposed to these types of topics gave them their opinions of them through very valid experiences.

Can giving be a tactical advantage?

This very topic is what inspired me to interview my personal friend and mentor, Yanik Silver. He has really opened my eyes to how things like mindset, altruism and philanthropy not only feel good, but can actually be the very catalyst that launches your business into greatness – into your legacy. (To be honest, through his organization Maverick 1000 which he runs with his cousin, Sophia Umanski, he’s opened my eyes about so many things that have left me forever changed in the best ways, but we’ll save those other things for other blog posts.) 😉

It’s Time To Shift Your Perspective On Mindset

If you’re reading this and you’re one of those people who generally dismiss topics like mindset as floofy, woo-woo, feel-good-without-substance, then I invite you to have a bit of a shift in your perspective. There is a reason that so many of the great business minds that we admire talk about mindset when they are asked about what they believe has propelled their success. Our minds are our greatest assets. Our minds are our best tool, and if we’re not careful, our greatest weapon of self-destruction.
In my opinion, it’s dangerous to NOT consider our mindset one of our most powerful assets because to be honest, if we’re not intentional about how we think and the perspectives that we choose to have about business and life in general, our minds can lead us to dark and sometimes desperate places. Honestly, everything we do, whether we acknowledge it or not stems from how we think. If we know that, if we believe that, then it makes sense to devote time to being intentional about our mindset.

How Is Altruism A Tactical Business Advantage?

Speaking of shifting mindsets, I hope that my episode where I interview Yanik Silver on my Podcast Business Intentional helps you think about giving forward, philanthropy and altruism in a new light as well. Instead of thinking about it only as a good thing to do to help make the world a better place, I’m hoping to inspire you to explore it as a tactical advantage that can actually DRIVE revenue in your business. Sound interesting? I thought so too!

Yanik’s new book, Evolved Enterprise is about this exact topic. In fact, the book features 11 businesses whose evolved enterprise models were the catalysts to their success. These business case studies show how having a cause partner didn’t just add an element of revenue to their business, but quite literally drove their bottom line!

Forbes had this to say about the principles in Yanik’s book:

Forbs Magazine Quote about giving.

Evolved Consumerism?

I’ve already written one follow-up book to Yanik (Moonlighting on the Internet) maybe I should write a follow-up book to Evolved Enterprise called Evolved Consumerism. Running a Digital Marketing Agency gives me a unique perspective into the buying and spending habits of consumers and in my professional opinion, we are seeing a shift – for the better!

We are definitely seeing a shift in our commodity-driven country towards people caring more about the world. Watching the Millennial generation is interesting. We’re seeing young people care about healthy eating and taking on more social justice causes than I saw when I was growing up. Likewise, we are seeing consumers actually care where their money is going. Often, people are even willing to spend more money if they know a portion of their dollars are going to a cause that they believe in.

What Will Your Evolved Enterprise Be?

I personally believe that EVERYONE has an evolved enterprise business model within them just waiting to be brought to reality. Definitely click on the book below to see Yanik’s own evolved enterprise and how he’s helping so many people do the same for themselves. 🙂

Evolved Enterprise proves Giving is a tactical business Advantage