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Moonlighting on the Internet presents the most reliable and proven ways to create extra income for the short term and establish a continual revenue stream for the long term – giving consideration to your time and lifestyle needs. Internet entrepreneur Shelby Larson does not encourage you to “make money from home in your underwear” or present “the magic-bullet plan to making millions.”

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“This is the book I wish I’d had when I started my first business almost 20 years ago. Filled with straight talk and proven ideas, “Moonlighting on the Internet” is about far more than making a living online. It is a wise and compassionate guide to creating a business that will fed your soul as well as your family. If you have ever wanted to start a business (online or not), then buy and read Larson’s book. It’s the Start-up Guide for the rest of us.”

Andy Beedle

When I read this book, the first thought that went through my head was, “Wow – When I grow up [i.e., have kids], I want to be like Shelby!” It’s amazing to me what she has achieved in her life and career with 5 kids! And this book, she shares the ups and downs of that journey as well as all the things she’s learnt along the way about the many paths to making a profitable living on the internet. Oh and I love that she included definitions of all the jargon internet marketers throw around! I highly recommend checking out this book if you’re interested in learning how to make money online.”

Louise Hendon
Co-Founder of Paleo Flourish Magazine

“There are a lot of books that you could read about how to successfully make money online. The thing that sets Moonlighting on the Internet apart from other books is it’s authenticity and Shelby’s dedication to truly helping people change their personal an dfinancial situations for the better. It’s refreshing to read a book of this nature that instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions, provides real-world, practical guidance based on what’s best for YOU, the reader, and your personal circumstances.”

Vishen Lakhiani